Refund Policy

The refund policy in the event of voluntary withdrawal by learner with valid reasons or enforced dismissal from the course or programme conducted by Biz IQ Academy WSQ “ATO” as per enclosed learner contract as follows.

Refund for withdrawal due to Non delivery of Course/Programme


The ATO will notify learner within three (3) working days upon the following:

  1. The ATO does not commerce the course/programme on the course commencement/completion date;

  2. The ATO terminates the course/programme on the course/programme commencement/completion date;


The learner should be informed in writing of alternative replacement arrangement (if any) and entitled to the refund of the course/programme fees already paid and decided to withdrawn within three (3) working days of notice before the commencement date of the course/programme.



Refund for Withdrawal due to other Valid Reasons:


If the learner withdraws from the course/programme due to other valid reasons like approved medical certificates from practitioner doctors.

The learner should inform in writing and entitled to full fee refund within three (3) working days from the date of notice for withdrawal.


Other reasons including physical disability to attend, undergoing operation or some unexpected emergency situation like flight delay or due to natural disaster, like flood, etc.