Training & Courses

Biz IQ Academy provides Singapore Workforce Skills Qualifications (WSQ)   Courses and Non-WSQ Courses, which are funded by SSG; as well as free and paid online courses.

Training Methodology

Our programme will be conducted through Andragogy training. At the end of the WSQ courses, learners will be given an Assesment. Learners will be assessed with “Competent”, (C) for those who are within a given band of 60 marks or more, and for those who are within a band of less than 60 marks will be assessed as “Not Yet Competent, (NYC).

Learners who are certified “Competent” at the end of the course will entitle a Statement of Attainment “SOA”.

Assessment and marking processes are designed to ensure the Assessment of your Assignment is fair and consistent, and it can be achieved in number of ways.


Assessments will be complete after your course are marked according to:

  1. Marking/assessment criteria – these are the knowledge, understanding and skills which it has been identified that the learners should demonstrate and be competent in the Assessment and which are taken into account during marking. They are based on the learning outcomes being assessed.

  2. Marking schemes – these are the detailed description of how specific numbers of marks should be assigned against individual components of an answer with the Assessment being assessed.

  3. Grade descriptors – the level of achievement required in order to be competent within a given band of marks (60% or more).


Both the setting and the marking of Assessment are independently checked through a process known as moderation to ensure questions test the learning outcomes and are set at the right standard, and that the marking is consistent and fair. Moderation is conducted by the board of examiners.

Learners can make an appeal and state the grounds of appeal to the marks confirmed after the Assessment within 3 days from the date of Assessment.

The regulation sets out on the ground of appeal can be based on the following:

  1. Dissatisfaction with a mark, or any other aspect of the properly exercised academic judgment of the examiners, as a valid ground for an academic appeal.

  2. Suspecting errors in the totaling or transcription marks, or wish to seek clarification about the marking process.

  3. Administration fee of $30 will be imposed.