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About Us.


Our Story

Biz IQ started out as the go-to academy for finance training in 2015.


Through the years of providing industry-led training for numerous corporate clients and individuals, we constantly strive to help our learners meet new life goals through up-skilling.


This motivates us to strive to provide better and wider range of today's most in demand skills training. 


Having been a part of the national SkillsFuture movement towards constant self-improvement through lifelong learning, we have branched out to provide our best in class workshops in new sectors such as Personal Branding, Digital Skills, Media, Arts and Culinary. 

As advocates for lifelong learning, we constantly seek to provide industry leading training across all fields, and to help our learners meet and explore new career possibilities. 


Our Mission

To aid individuals meet life goals through lifelong learning. 

Our Vision 

To be the industry leader in lifelong learning across all fields. 

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